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Everything about OTT Advertising

We can’t deny the fact that the internet is a necessity rather than a want. Not only the fact that the internet is providing additional services to consumers but also, the traditional media consumption is making the transition to online platforms. Rather than firing up cathode ray tubes used in TVs, consumers are instead loading up on their streaming accounts to watch their favorite shows.

There’s this thing called as OTT advertising which brings lots of benefits among consumers and even businesses. And one of the most notable benefit of OTT is no doubt, advertising and at the same time, its capability to engage with wealthier, younger and bigger media population. In a study performed by experts, it showed that media companies have measured the percentage of people watching specific TV shows to decline at 40 percent in over the air or cable TV subscription for almost 5 years by 18 to 24 years old.

This market is also receptive to OTT advertising which approximately 98% of OTT device audience is completing the entire advertisement. What this basically mean is that, the urge to skip or even fast forward through commercials which have been so alive from early days of DVR and VCR has died out mostly among the media consumers category.

While conventional metrics for TV consumption were based on a big sample sizes as well as extrapolating interpreted data, OTT advertising provides better transparency as to who watches the content delivered. Not just that, you can get to know who’s watching together with some demographic data gathered but, you’ll also know what they’re watching, when they’re watching it and on to what device they’re using to watch it. As a result, this can give you the power of targeting your ads to specific audience and receive highest rate of return.

Apart from that, consumers actually prefer to have the power of selecting the media content they wish to see and to be in control of what’s going to happen. And whether you believe it or not, there are now a lot of OTT companies that do offer the ability for consumers to decide whether they will opt for upcoming content break or potential ads. This results to bigger and better engagement by consumers, enabling your message to land much better.

In relation to companies that are skeptical of utilizing digital advertising, transitioning to OTT advertising can ease your mind. And for the reason that a lot of the programs are carried over from the conventional TV media, this has made the formatting from where and when the commercial breaks can be placed to be the same.

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