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Grass is Greener Syndrome- How to Find the Right Therapist

The grass is Greener Syndrome is a serious problem that is affecting millions of people around the world. Most people don’t understand how serious this issue is and that why you will find that most will only take it as a joke. However, for those who are struggling with the “grass is greener” issue, it can be extremely frustrating and exhausting emotionally and mentally. The syndrome can causes havoc in many areas of your lives unless you realize this and find help. People suffering from the syndrome can have issues with career, relationships, where to live, and many other areas.
It is important to find the right specialist who can help you to overcome this particular issue.
Overcoming the ‘Grass is greener’ condition is not an easy thing, what makes the struggle difficult is that the syndrome is a collection of different underlying emotional and psychological processes, that come together and creates a huge struggle that is experienced as the grass is greener condition.
Although there are various components that combine together to create the foundation of this syndrome which are worth the discussion. However, it is important to understand the starvation of your needs and the role of your needs first. Well, the question is how does a need become starved. The truth is that each person has a need, practically and emotionally. Some needs can be a deal-breaker in many ways, while others are a priority over other needs. There are times when you find yourself in a situation whereby, only your most important needs are met and others are not. Well, for a person who suffers from grass is greener disorder this becomes an incredibly hard dilemma. The person will feel unsatisfied if this need is not fulfilled and then start to feel starved of that need. Eventually, if the need isn’t being met then they continue feeling starved and then they start feeling compelled to change or replace what they have currently and get what they are not getting.
The syndrome is a straightforward process. It is either the needs are fully being fulfilled or they are totally neglected. Most people who go through the grass is greener syndrome have no or little room for tolerance. It becomes hard for such people to know the difference that is there between a need and desires. It is important to accept varying degrees of satisfaction so that you can achieve a greater balance. If you cannot be able to do this willingly then you need help, and the beginning is to find a therapist who is qualified in this field to help you with the healing process.
When you have assessed your particular needs, is important to find the best therapist trained and specialized in the “grass is greener” condition. There are many therapists available, however finding the one who specializes in providing these psychotherapy and coaching services will be the most ideal decision for you to go through this process successfully. Find time to research and hire a therapist who is professionally trained and experienced, and also one ho licensed.

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